Other Treatments

Other Treatments

Exercise Therapy (Rehabilitation & Exercise Therapy)

We perform various stretches, exercises, and muscle training according to the patient’s symptoms and desired outcomes, such recovery from injuries, building a healthy body, and loosening the body before chiropractic treatment.

Sports Training and Therapy

After a thorough evaluation, we will create a plan to meet your individual goals. These goals may be recovered from an injury, posture training, or fitness training. We have a variety of treatment options to help you meet your goals. Here is the list of treatment and training options. We will combine any of the following depending on your condition and goals.

  • IASTM: Use a metal tool to release fascia restriction by scraping and brushing over the skin.
  • Cupping: Use vacuum cups to release fascia restriction by lifting up the skin.
  • Kinesio Taping: It is a taping technique that is applied to help the movement of joints, muscles, and muscle fibers along the structure of the skeleton, muscles, and muscle fibers according to the condition of the injury and the characteristics of the body. It reduces stress on the body and load on the affected area during exercise. In addition, by assisting fatigue and aging muscles and muscle fibers, performance improvement and resilience can be expected.
  • Blood Flow Restriction Training: It is a light training that does not put a burden on the body by wearing a device that suppresses blood flow on the arms and legs. This training method is suitable for beginners and rehabilitation of injuries.
  • Manual Therapy: Combines trigger point release and stretching to release tightness in your body.

AYC Stretch Release Exercise

AYC Stretch Release Exercise is an original exercise therapy that is a combination of two forms of stretches and fascia release, which is tailored to the patient’s symptoms. By performing PNF stretching and AIS assistant stretching in one session, you can expect increased range of motion of the muscles and joints as well as increased flexibility. Also, by using a Theragun massage machine that works on the deep muscle tissue and releasing the fascia in areas where stretching alone is not effective, the whole body is stretched and loosened in a well-balanced manner, resulting in improvement of edema, blood flow, and metabolism.

  • PNF Stretch (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)
    : By stimulating and contracting the muscles and then stretching it, the nerves of the motor system are stimulated, and it will increase the range of motion of muscles and joints and increase flexibility. At the same time, muscle strength improvement can be expected by contraction stimulation.
  • AIS Assisted Stretching (Assisted Active Isolated Stretching)
    : A program of stretching that applies the mechanism of the central nervous system called reciprocal inhibition. By contracting the muscle on the opposite side (antagonist muscle) of the target muscle, it promotes relaxation and extension of the target muscle. This stretch is effective for rehabilitation of injuries and warming up before muscle strength training. Also, even the muscles that cannot be fully stretched with self-stretching, can be fully stretched by the auxiliary load by the therapist and their support in maintaining the stretching posture. It will improve the flexibility of the muscles and increase the range of motion of muscles and joints.

Chiropractic Treatment for personal injury (whiplash, headache, etc.)

Whiplash by auto accident happens from injury of soft tissue (muscle, ligament, etc.). It generally takes approximately 3 months until soft tissue recovers and there is a great chance that your spine is out of alignment from the impact as well. This distortion may cause serious challenges in the future, if not treated immediately. Early-stage treatment, along with regular follow up care, will help to restore a normal position.

Massage Therapy (*by Georgia State certified massage therapist)

Massage therapy, not only acts as a stress relief solution, but also increases recovery from injury, offers pain relief and boots immunity functionality. Chiropractic treatment combined with massage therapy will create a complete treatment plan aimed for success.

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