Golden Line

When people say that they are tired or sick, I believe most people’s backs become rounded with round shoulders. When having a good posture, it actually uses all and a lot of your muscles, especially your core muscles. When fatigue builds up in the body, lactic acid builds up in the muscles, causing them to become stiff and stiff and edematous. This then leads to the whole body feeling heavier than usual, and it becomes difficult to maintain a good posture, making the back gradually hunched. In addition, even if one doesn't have a hunched back, people who have chronic pain in their lower back or knees tend to adopt a posture that covers the painful area, resulting in an unbalanced posture such as a distorted pelvis or a tilted spine. People may think, What’s wrong with having a hunched back, but firstly, it doesn’t look good at first impression. It gives some bit of an unhealthy impression, or dark impression. But besides the point of how you may look, the most major issue is that there may be a longer term effect of bad posture, giving danger to your body. Correct postures of the human body is what improves the flow of nerves to and from the brain, improving the function of the body. Additionally, with good posture, opening up the lungs, it makes breathing easier, helping you take deep, effective breaths on a daily basis. Deep, effective breathing keeps your body’s cells supplied with fresh oxygen through your blood. Cells with constant sufficient amounts of fresh oxygen are more active, allowing waste products in your body to be discharged, as metabolism becomes active. Good posture and a puffed chest also opens up your lungs, making breathing easier and helping you take deep, effective breaths on a daily basis. Deep, effective breathing keeps your body's cells supplied with fresh oxygen through your blood. Cells that can always obtain a sufficient amount of fresh oxygen are activated, waste products in the body are discharged, and metabolism becomes active. When you are constantly hunched, you can only breathe shallowly on a daily basis, and the organs such as the stomach and intestines become compressed; very bad for digestive function.

So what exactly is good posture? There is a "golden line of posture" that represents the ideal posture. As you can see from the reference diagram, when the body is viewed from the side, the head, ears, shoulders, wrists, knees, and ankles are perfectly straight.

However, unfortunately, there are not many people who can keep such a single line, the golden line. Everyone is tilted or distorted in some way and deviates from the golden line. However, living every day with an awareness of your posture, such as distortion and tilt, and being aware of the golden line, or living without knowing it at all, will not be the future, no, three years from now. Five years from now, your health may change in the near future. Grasp your posture before it's too late, aim for the golden line, and be healthy from the core of your body, not just the impression of your appearance.


矢島 敬朗  カイロプラクター