Our Top 3 Enzymes!

For this month, we would like to introduce the top three popular supplements sold at our clinic.

In addition to treatments of chiropractic care, stretching exercises, we also provide nutritional guidance and dietary advice here at our clinic. As a part of nutritional guidance, we recommend supplements tailored to symptoms and your body constitution. Our clinic handles and sells more than 50 different types of supplements. For this article, we will introduce the top three popular supplements among our patients!

The 1st Place goes to… the “TRMA” Supplement from Loomis Enzymes.                                                                                                                                

TRMA is a versatile supplement that works for inflammation on both internal and external of the body. It contains a large amount of protease, which digests proteins, activating white blood cells in the blood, suppressing inflammation in the body. Additionally, it includes seaweed components (Kelp; type of algae) that increase beneficial bacteria (probiotics) in the intestines, promoting the improvement of the body's immune system by balancing the intestinal environment. By reducing inflammation and boosting immunity, TRMA is effective for acute injuries such as muscle pain, lower back pain, sprains, and fractures. Taking it immediately after an injury allows relief of pain and improved recovery. In these types of injuries, though the pain may be temporarily alleviated with painkillers, they do not promote actual recovery and healing. TRMA can expedite these types of injuries. In addition, as it activates white blood cells, it is also effective in promoting recovery of infections from bacteria. For example, it is effective for symptoms such as ear infections and styes. Therefore, it is highly effective for people who are prone to discomfort in the ears, nose, eyes, and throat when fatigue accumulates or immune function declines.

2nd place goes to the "VSCLR" Supplement, also from Loomis Enzymes.

VSCLR is a digestive enzyme supplement that contains a large amount of lipase, promoting the breakdown of fats. It also includes dandelion with detoxifying effects, fenugreek seed (a type of herb) that stabilizes blood sugar and cholesterol, and ginkgo biloba that reduces triglycerides. People who dislike oily or strongly flavored foods, experience headaches or fatigue when eating a lot, or have severe menstrual cramps may have correlations with weak fat digestions. It is also effective for daily headaches, dizziness, and those with high blood pressure or high blood sugar.

3rd place goes to the "ALLEPLEX” Supplement from Standard Process.

The main component of ALLEPLEX, Vitamin A, helps maintain the health of the skin and mucous membranes and strengthens resistance, allowing to alleviate and prevent allergy symptoms. It also contains herbs such as alfalfa, which suppress inflammation, making it a highly effective supplement with immediate effects. It starts working about 30 minutes after consumption with no side effects. Taking it as a preventive measure is also effective. This supplement, unlike over-the-counter drugs, does not cause drowsiness or dizziness, allowing it to be taken without restricting daily life. For example, as I suffer from pollen allergies, I take it during those seasons to alleviate the reactions.

Some people may be hesitant in taking supplements or have doubts about their effectiveness. However, by taking supplements suitable for your body constitution and symptoms, you can regulate your health and expect disease prevention. Using supplements flexibly can lead to an improved Quality of Life (QOL).

Our goal for the enzyme therapy we provide at our clinic is to achieve a healthier life with the appropriate intake of supplements, matching your body constitution and symptoms. Please feel free to consult with us if interested or have any questions!

Yoshiro Yajima D.C,